Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 5 - Deathstar

Sorry, I skipped week 4. Devin's letter that week was short. I was informed he was selected for the rifle drill team and became the watch coordinator for his company, which means he schedules when everyone does their watch. (I was told this means people are going to suck up to him, so that he doesn't give them bad watch shifts. I bet Devin is loving that....haha)

Today, I received this lovely self portrait from Devin, on what he's looking like nowadays. Apparently, he's bald, has crazy arm muscles, and a six pack. He also seems to have a pretty intense, "I mean business," facial expression...I'm glad he shared this picture with me.

His letters today (he sent 2) informed me that he passed all aspects of his physical test on the first try, passed his midterm exam with a 90%, and qualified for marksman (which is some sort of gun-firing qualification). I am so proud of him!! He said, "I do pretty well for myself," and I would definitely have to agree! He seems to be in good spirits, and is really anxious to find out where we will live. (Although by now, he DOES know, and he will get to let me know sometime this weekend.) He shared a story about how his sexuality is being questioned by one of his company commanders, BM1 Kruger, because of how Devin said, "Good night, Petty Officer Kruger." I don't know if they aren't supposed to say "good night", or if Devin said it in a manner that could be questionable. From Devin's hurried story, it seems as if he may have said "good night" that way on purpose. Knowing Devin's sense of humor and uncanny ability to make other men feel awkward, I bet he did do it on purpose. Haha. He mentioned that since then his new nickname has been "Deathstar" because his shipmates felt "the crap [he pulls] is gonna be the death of starboard [his breakdown group]." Devin has always been the class clown, so I expected once he knew his limits, he'd be sure to have a little fun. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Devin seems to be really encouraged.

They have started the fifth weeks calls for his company this evening, which is when they get to inform family where they will be stationed at. I can get the call anytime between now and Sunday. I'm really anxious to know! I will post once I know more.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 3

This is Devin's company, Alfa 183!

Photos Courtesy of

Well, as of today Devin's over 30% done with boot camp. That is great! 5 weeks from tomorrow, he graduates. One week from tomorrow, an he will be HALFWAY! Everyone told me these weeks would fly, and I'm thankful for that.
Today, I received a second letter from Devin. I was really excited because it was two whole pages. He sound so much more encouraged than last week. He said it's getting easier this week. He said he has barely any time to write because all his free time is spent ironing his uniforms or shining his boots. I've decided to include an excerpt in his own words of something I found quite funny:
"I can't wait for you to hear the stories I have. There's so many! Like, two days ago we were headed to chow (meal time), and when we stopped this big ol' southern boy raised his hand and BM1 Kruger was like 'What Owens?' and so Owens says, 'I'm supposed to inform you that I like to watch the birds fly by. Bravo's CC told me to tell you that.' So we were just laughing and now every time there's birds, BMC Hampton (our lead CC) says, 'Look Owens! Your friends!' It seriously is so hard not to laugh. The CCs are the funniest people alive."
Devin told me the only part that completely sucks at this point is missing people at home, which is to be expected.
I'm really excited because Dillon (Devin's brother) is going to go with me to graduation and surprise Devin (so don't spill the beans in your letters!). He's really excited to fly on a plane and see the ocean. I didn't know he had been saving up, and then he told me and he's already saved over half of the amount needed to go (all expenses included). This will be such a great surprise for Devin because he thinks I'm the only one coming.
Today is a beautiful day. I feel encouraged.
Thank you for everyone who has mailed a kind letter to Devin and for all of you lifting him up in prayer.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

week 2

Devin has been gone for ten days now. The days seem endless but I'm glad it's already March. Devin graduates 6 weeks from tomorrow. :D
On Tuesday, I received a package. It included a letter from the commanding officer at Cape May and a book called "Sea Legs: A Coast Guard Spouse Survival Guide". The book is interesting and is teaching me how moving, pay, benefits, and everything works.
Today, I received my first real letter from Devin. I was really encouraged because I was told Devin wouldn't get time to write the first weekend and not to expect a letter till the third week. It was a very pleasant surprise!
Devin said he hates it and is homesick. I guess this is typical for most of the recruits the first couple weeks. They say once they complete the second week, the pressure is eased off of them a little bit, and they don't feel so stressed. Devin said they got assigned the toughest Company Commander (CC) that works there, but that deep down he's really cool. He begged for LOTS of letters, so I've been a little write-aholic.
I actually purchased some adorable personalized stationary from Sweet Life Paper. I was really impressed with how quickly I received it - especially with it being personalized. So I've been using that to write Devin.
I'll keep you posted on Devin's progress. :) Thank you for your prayers.