Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation! and more.

Sorry this is a month overdue! I'm sure you can understand how fast everything happened with coming home and immediately packing up and moving and then getting here and settling in.
Graduation was amazing. It was in Cape May, NJ. This was Dillon's first plane ride, first beach visit, first for a lot of things. Dillon successfully surprised Devin, and Lee and Cindy have the big cow tear pictures to prove it. We enjoyed delicious food, each other's company, and best of all Devin! Devin graduated as a Fireman. We returned home the day after graduation to immediately start the packing and moving process. This was very stressful. The movers came, packed all of our stuff and we were going to depart the day after the following 2 nights without a bed or anything really. Well the next day we got a call saying they didn't want us to come till the following Monday...almost a week later!! Luckily, the Evensons generously housed us for the next few days, and we left one week exactly from the day Devin graduated. We made it to our new hometown in 2 days' drive to stay in motels for the first 4 nights. Devin started working immediately. We moved into our house, and two days later we got a call informing us Devin was getting assigned TAD (temporary additional duty) on another cutter in the area. Better news yet, it was leaving just a few days later!! AH! We panicked a little and through tears bid each other good bye after seeing each other for only a little over 2 weeks. This cutter will be gone for quite a while longer than the norm, though I can't post specifics. Once it returns, Devin will only have a few weeks before returning to sea life again on the boat he was originally assigned to. (They are currently doing repairs and upgrades on that boat, and we're earnestly praying it gets delayed, so he can get a little more time at home and actually learn the area of the place he lives!)
Of course, I'm stressed. I don't like this at all. Devin is discouraged. We knew what we were getting into. It's tough being in a new place, with a new life, with everything new, new NEW. It's nice to remember that God is still the SAME yesterday, today, and forever, despite all the new. I'm holding onto that.
Being next to an air station, we've had the pleasure of watching the helicopters run drills. It's next door to Starbucks and I sit outside on my breaks, stare at the bay and watch the helicopters take off and skim over the water, and circle around and do it all over again. They look like giant birds gracefully flitting around in the air, excited to feel the wind rush around them. Devin, too, has become entranced with these steel wonders, and with that comes his new career choice. (about 99% positive this time...I know, I know, he was changing his mind daily before, but this one he has held onto for quite awhile, and spoke with many that have done it.) The career I speak of is, Avionics Electrical Technician or AET. I will let this video do the talking:

more posts to come.
love, chianne