Thursday, May 3, 2012

R.I.P. Laptop...

Well, I had every intention of posting about day to day life here at Sam Allen. However, one day, several weeks ago, the laptop would not turn on. We knew this day was coming but did not expect it so soon. As we live in a furnished house, there is a computer here to use, but it is unbelievably slow, so we don't use it too often. Also, I don't have a way to upload the photos I take, unless I showed you my iPhone photos, but then why would I have Instagram? The photos will just have to wait for a future time when we buy a new computer, which will be probably after we move to our new station.
Speaking of which, Devin put in his "dream sheet" last Monday. You put your top 3 places you'd like to go. When the list of available places comes out, you're only allowed to pick one of your top 3. If none of your top 3 are available, then you can pick anything from the list. They also pick in order of their class rank. It's a complicated process and quite frankly, makes me feel like the stars will have to align and hell will have to freeze over for us to go anywhere we want to go. Devin really wants to work on the Dolphin 65 helicopters.

 I did not take this photo, just found it on Google. If he were to get stationed on this particular type of helo, it gives him a lot of options of places to be stationed in the future. We will find out where we are going sometime this next week. We are both so anxious to know. I just want to be able to start planning and get all our ducks in a row. It's hard work moving with only 6 weeks notice! That's all for now. Next time I write will probably be to inform the masses where we will be moving at the end of June. Until then -