Monday, November 8, 2010


My birthday came and went and I am now the ripe old age of 22. Devin says we will have a celebration when he comes home. I can't wait!
A friend of mine from Utah, Heather, popped into town for a surprise visit. She was vacationing in Seattle and decided to jump on a bus down to here to hang out for a weekend. It was so nice to have some company and break up the silence of my home!
The other night I got to watch Devin on CGC Steadfast transit through the Panama Canal! I learned a lot in the process and it was actually really cool! I learned a lot! It's was nice to feel less disconnected even if it was through a camera that only updates every 20 seconds!

Here's a few photos!

Heather at Haystack Rock. It was so cold and rainy!

Zombie likes to eat leaves?

Sweeping the leaves off the walkway to my house!
CGC Steadfast in the Miraflores Lock