Sunday, October 5, 2008


Sorry, I haven't had a blog in awhile, so i forgot I made it. haha. (Sorry, leash!)

Devin and I have had this horrible never ending battle with our landlord. When we first moved in, the fridge broke and our landlord didn't replace it for 8 days. The supposedly "new" fridge he got us went out last week. It lasted about 2 months. We reported it to him and we had just gone grocery shopping so we were a little frustrated. We had about $200 worth of refridgerated food. He told us to just put it all in the semi cold freezer (the fridge was already warm) and that he would have us a fridge by the end of that day or the next. He didn't contact us for 5 days. Luckily our friend, Janice, had recently upgraded her fridge so she offered us her old one for free. Our landlord still hasn't done anything. The kicker is he won't even return our calls! He will only talk to us via text message. How lame is that?! Anyways, I will write more in a little bit. I have some fun pictures.