Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 7 - The Final Countdown

Woo!!! Check out that studly man!!! (I'm referring to the second one in line aka my husband!) A mother of a recruit that graduated the Friday before last snapped this and uploaded it to the coast guard group on Facebook, and lucky for me, Devin was in the shot!
Last Saturday, Devin got his on-base liberty. He got to talk to me for a total of 2 hours. It was great!
Today, Devin had his off-base liberty. He got to go into town with his shipmates and do whatever they want (within military standards, of course). They were in uniforms ("Trops" today. The uniform featured above are his "ODUs") so they had to maintain military bearing. Devin said it wasn't very hard as that's what they are used to anyways. He got a prepaid phone so he could call me all day! He even got to talk to several other people though I was pretty selfish and had a hard time sharing. Every time I made a request (i.e.: "Call me back in 5 minutes.") he would respond, "Aye-aye!" It was so cute!! He told me more funny stories about everything that's gone on. He really has enjoyed his time there and can't stop saying how much he loves being in the Coast Guard. At the end of the day, he was able to send me a picture of himself standing in front of the Atlantic Ocean in his "trops". I asked him if I could post it, but since that is one of the nicer uniforms, he wanted to unveil that for himself with the pictures we will take at graduation. He let me share it with family, but the rest will have to wait! He looks SO good. :) I can't wait to see him on Friday morning!! I cannot believe their is only 5 days until I see my love again!

Friday, April 2, 2010

MOVING! and week 6

 Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

I received my first call from Devin last Saturday. This was the first time he was permitted to use a phone in 5 weeks. He got 10 minutes to talk to me and let me know where we are moving....which is Astoria, Oregon! We are both so excited and cannot wait to go! Devin was really encouraged on the phone, and said he was really glad he joined the Coast Guard. We're both just counting down the days until we see each other again. Less than 2 weeks! Ah! This is his 6th week in New Jersey. I can't believe how fast it's gone already, and I'm thankful for that. Devin's letter this week was really cheerful. Boot camp is winding down and as he nears graduation, they get more privileges. For example, tomorrow he gets on-base liberty. He can call me, watch movies, eat junk food, and just hang out. Until this time, he really hasn't had any free time at all. I can't wait for his call! This one won't have the 10 minute time limit either. :) He asked me to tell everyone, "Hello!" and "Keep praying!"

My best friend, Erin, has been visiting this week, and that is a blessing! She resides in San Diego, so I don't get to see her very often. We've been staying up late and having fun. It's refreshing.

Wednesday is my last day at the ol' Starbucks. (I'm trying to transfer to the one in Astoria.) After that I'll be a clean-aholic until I go to New Jersey. I just can't wait for all that's happening in the next couple weeks!