Thursday, October 15, 2009

pending Coast Guard date

So I know that I said we would know when Devin would be going the next day, but as it happens we didn't find out. That's why we never posted anything...we were hoping we would know something soon, but then nothing ever happened. Apparently, Devin's recruiter took a two week vacation, so he wasn't there to reveal the date. Bummer. Luckily, according to the other recruiter, he should [hopefully] be back in the office tomorrow. We're praying he'll have a date for Devin at this time. We are definitely eager to know when he will go so we can let both of our employers know and so we can plan where I will be living while he's gone as I cannot join him for 8 weeks. Yes, I will be moving. We don't know where yet. There's a couple options. I just know I cannot continue living where I am now
I cannot wait to begin this journey and I know Devin is even more excited than I.
Pray that we will know more soon! Thank you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We got the call!

So Devin got the call on Monday that he has been accepted into the United States Coast Guard! Woohoo!! We should know the ship date for him to start boot camp by tomorrow.
A lot of people have wondered what his boot camp life will really be like. He will be at Training Center (the military calls this "TRACEN") Cape May. The Coast Guard only has one training center for new recruits. Cape May is in New Jersey. He will be there for 8 weeks. Recruits always ship out on a Tuesday and graduate on a Friday. It is very hard both physically and mentally. The Coast Guard Channel created 8 short videos on what each week is life. The first video is below, but if anyone is interested in watching the rest, I can give you the link.

I think Devin is very brave. I wouldn't want to sign up to have that guy yelling at me for 8 weeks. It will be quite an experience, and I can't wait until Devin gets his date so we'll be able to better guess when we'll have to move (after his time at TRACEN Cape May). Have a great day!