Thursday, February 19, 2009

wow it's been forever.

Devin and I haven't had internet for quite some time so I am posting this from the library. It's been a tough few weeks... Devin got laid off and has been working at Buy Low (a grocery store) since then. He stocks overnights and it's horrible. He hates it a lot. I hate sleeping alone. It's so hard to be newly married and finally getting all used to things and having it turned upside down. We are both having trouble being optimistic about this. There just aren't really a lot of jobs out there right now. It sucks a lot. As we're hear now, he's scouring the internet for jobs on another computer.

It's nice to have Mom and Dillon living in the basement. It's really fun. We've had some good laughs. Mom came up at the end of our church small group on Tuesday and complimented on how clean our second bedroom was. (It was a disaster before. we threw out four huge boxes of stuff and donated a trash bag load of clothing to the D.I.) We told her thanks and she went on to say "Now you could go have sex on the floor in there!" in front of the group. It was hilarious. We all were laughing. I love her sense of humor and how she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Anyways, my time is up!