Saturday, October 23, 2010

this and that

Well, we have wind and rain and coastal flood advisories here. I'm pretty sure this means winter will officially start. Goodbye, Sun for the next several months.
I'm also curious as to what exactly a coastal flood advisory entails. I mean, it's going to rain so much the ocean will overflow?? I don't think so...I have yet to figure out this land.
One of the other boats here is home after a very long trip. I'm glad some of my friends get their husband's back and get to return to their normal boat schedule.
I started Christmas shopping/planning. I'm really proud of myself because I usually wait until December and then stress out when I can't find the right things. I know exactly what I'm getting most of my family and have probably purchased 25% of things already so that makes me feel pretty accomplished since Halloween hasn't even happened yet.
It's pretty much a for sure thing that Devin won't be here for Thanksgiving. This is probably a good thing as I have yet to hone the wifely prepare-a-feast skills yet.
I'm getting very homesick for both Vegas and Provo lately. Vegas for the warmth and never-ending things to do and my mom and Provo for the people. I miss the people who knew me better than I knew myself and always had the next adventure planned. The ones who loved and included everyone regardless of their circumstances. I miss passion and life they had in everything they did and said.
Not too much else going on over here other than waiting for the dang Pacific Ocean to flood. Good thing I live on a hill.


Friday, October 8, 2010


"At which time whilst thou go to thy dwelling place? Shall I beckon thee now? Or doth thou find convenience in keeping me waiting?"
-Devin via text message

Devin makes me laugh a lot. I love that about him. Even across the country. And I definitely LOVE when he has watched too much Romeo and Juliet...because then he texts like he did above...which definitely makes me blush in the middle of the grocery store. And then makes people stare at me funny because I'm laughing all of a sudden and I'm alone so it doesn't make much sense to them why paper towels are so funny and make me blush.

love, chianne