Thursday, September 11, 2008

married and new blog

Well, here we are - married and still in the beginning of our new life together.
I know I am enjoying it. It's different, fun, and exciting. We have our little pup, Zombie, to keep us youthful (haha). He certainly is a handful. He seems to enjoy waking us up by nipping us on the ear. ouch.
Devin has the worst cold he thinks he's ever had. I'm starting to feel it coming on...
My mom is coming to town this weekend! oh how I miss her.
My cousin, Chelsea, is getting married. I wish my sister could come up too...
It's bed time! I must tend to Devin and get some rest.

Our little Zombie at 6 weeks. 2.1 lbs.

9 weeks. 4.2 lbs. He likes to pounce on dandelions, tear them apart, and run away as seen in this picture. hehe.

He's 12 weeks now, but I'm in dire need of taking more pictures of him. hehe.