Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sam Allen and Aurora

Playing fetch while I relaxed in the sun!
We are all settled in at the waterfront cottage the owners have named "Sam Allen". It's so peaceful and even though it's furnished with the owner's things, we have felt so at home here. We have been able to go canoeing, and Devin is making use of the kayak and fishing equipment. The dogs LOVE it here. They love sitting in the sun room and watching the water and the birds. All the dogs roam free around here, so we regularly have several dogs in the yard playing. Roxi will even run off and visit her friends (her favorites being a little white dog named Jack, and a golden retriever who also is named Roxi), and then return home later. We even took them out in the canoe one day! Roxi thought it was amazing. Zombie was a little more nervous but got used to it. I fell in the water by accident, and to my surprise it wasn't very cold considering it was only 70 degrees out. Roxi has gone for a swim a few times after watching the lab next door jump off the dock and chase down toys in the water. Zombie is not so interested in swimming, but I think that will change when the heat of summer comes. We have to drive a little further to get to town and work, but we have no regrets.
Spectacular sunsets from the back deck - every night.
Devin's doing well in school. He currently has a 95% in class. They take several tests a week, and he is constantly studying or doing homework. In 3 months (to the day!) Devin will be graduating, and we will be moving to wherever the Coast Guard decides to send us next. We won't know until May where that might be. The suspense is killing me! I'm not even going to tell you where we want to go, because we literally change our minds every day based on which aircraft Devin likes most each day. Not every aircraft is at every air station, so whichever one he picks will narrow down the places we are able to go. There are just so many factors to consider!

Aunt Chynee and baby Aurora!
Last week, I was able to take the week off work and visit my sister, brother-in-law, and their new baby, Aurora. It seriously blows my mind that my sister grew that little girl in her belly for 9 months! I haven't been able to spend that much time around that young of a baby before, so it was a learning experience on many levels. It was such a nice trip.

The only downside is that those harborers of all things germy, AKA airplanes, seem to have infected me with a mean cold now. I'm already on my second box of tissues. Ah, well! It seems my obsession with hand sanitizer did not spare me this time...

I think that's all for now!


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kelsea yetton said...

Oh I wish I could visit you at your cute little lake house!! It looks absolutely magical. So glad you're enjoying your time there until you move again! (: Love you!