Friday, March 9, 2012

Moving! (again.)

Devin and I were so lucky to have friends offer to house us while he was in a-school. It enabled me to move out here with him and land a great job at a busy salon. Now that we are here, something fell into our laps that was too good to resist. We heard of a couples' vacation home on the Albemarle Sound here that they were looking to rent out. It's a charming remodeled cottage with spectacular water views and a dock you can use. They have a kayak, canoe, and skiff that they have welcomed us to use. We figured, "Carpe Diem!" When would we ever get to live at a waterfront property again??
The backside of the house that faces the water. Look at all those windows!

Our new backyard :)



Whitney_Lynn said...

Lucky, it looks beautiful. Miss you guys and hope you are well.

kelsea yetton said...

I LOVE!! DO it.